The COST Action “International Nucleome Consortium” (INC) aims to establish a worldwide community of cooperation among multi-disciplinary nucleome scientists to accelerate scientific breakthroughs leading to new concepts, innovative interdisciplinary approaches and realistic applications for health, agriculture and industry.

The genomic revolution has been one-dimensional. Chromosome maps, sequences, polymorphism databases, the wealth of information that has been and continues to be gained from genomic studies exists independently of the cellular context. Yet our genome lives as a three-dimensional object intricately folded and packaged in the cell nucleus, structured around nuclear bodies and landmarks, acted upon by countless force-generating nano-machines.

With the recent advances that have been made in microscopy, biochemistry and modelling, tackling this challenge requires concertation on a global scale. The field is now attracting more and more people with very diverse expertise (biologists, physicists, mathematician, statisticians, data scientists). It is also ripe for technology transfer and production through creation of start-ups.

Consequently the huge amount of data produced in modern laboratories requires extensive numerical analysis and modelling to be correctly analysed and knowledge of physical principles to be interpreted and applied.

Photo by Pavel Hozak

Understanding how the genome works requires elucidating the structure-activity relationships of the cell nucleus as a complex, dynamics biological system. No doubt this is an ambitious task. But it is also one of the most exciting challenges now facing biomedical research.

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