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February 25, 2021

5 pm CET, 4 pm BST, 8 am PST

Maria Cristina Gambetta

University of Lausanne, Switzerland

“Molecular basis of gene insulation in Drosophila”

Gesa Loof (Lab of Ana Pombo)

MDC – BIMSB, Berlin, Germany

“Specific 3D genome topologies distinguish epiblast and primitive endoderm in the early embryo”

February 11, 2021

5 pm CET, 4 pm BST, 8 am PST

Women in INC – International Day of Women & Girls in Science

Round table: “Women experiences and initiatives for women in INC”

. Pernette Verschure (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands)
. Melita Vidaković (University of Belgrade, Serbia)
. Maria Cristina Gambetta (University of Lausanne, Switzerland)
. Hulkar Mamayusupova (University of Essex, UK)
. Anja Tolić (University of Belgrade, Serbia)
. Alessandra Merlotti (University of Bologna, Italy)
. Sarah Hurtado-Bagès (scisters.editions agency, Saint-Étienne, France)

January 28, 2021

5 pm CET, 4 pm BST, 8 am PST

Kerstin Bystricky

MCD-CBI, University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France

“Chromatin dynamics during transcription in living cells

Michał Kadlof (Lab of Dariusz Plewczyński)

LGSF, Centre of New Technologies, University of Warsaw, Poland

Chromatin modelling methods


Tuncay Baubec

Maria Cristina Gambetta

Sarah Hurtado-Bagès

Daniel Jost

Jonas Krebs

Vladimir Teif

Melita Vidaković



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December 17, 2020

5 pm CET, 4 pm BST, 8 am PST

Marianne Rots

University of Groningen, Netherlands

Epigenetic editing: a highly flexible research tool with promising therapeutic applications

Marco Di Stefano | Video

Institute of Human Genetics, Montpellier, France

Epigenomics-based modeling of the Arabidopsis thaliana genome

December 3, 2020

5 pm CET, 4 pm BST, 8 am PST

Presentation of INC working group activities

WG1: Network building and strengthening | Slides | Video

Communication Team | Slides | Video

WG2: Challenging the frontiers of experimental resolution | Slides | Video

WG3: Developing big data analysis and applying 3D modelling tools | Slides | Video

WG4: Exploit the Nucleome in heatlh and agriculture | Slides | Video

WG5: Nucleome inspired technology transfer | Slides | Video

November 19, 2020

5 pm CET, 4 pm BST, 8 am PST

Melita Vidakovic | video

University of Belgrade, Serbia

“Epi-cure: Epi-CRISPR targeted DNA methylation of Arx gene as a potential therapeutic strategy in diabetes”

Todor Gitchev | video

University of Bern, Switzerland

“Dynamic modelling of chromosome  folding  in C. elegans suggests in vivo z-loops formation”

November 5, 2020

5 pm CET, 4 pm BST, 8 am PST

Tutorial by Jonas Paulsen | video

University of Oslo, Norway

“Using Chrom3D to generate 3D genome models”

October 22, 2020

5 pm CET, 4 pm BST, 8 am PST

Marc A. Marti-Renom | video

Centre for Genomic Regulation, Spain

“Structural determination of genomes and genomic domains”

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