Interdisciplinary School in 3D Genomics



NOV 23rd-26th | 3-6PM 

This school aims at enhancing the communication between disciplines by training the next generation of researchers in 3D Genomics to state-of-the-art experimental, modelling, numerical and data analysis approaches.

The School will be an opportunity for participants to interact directly with prominent scientists in this rapidly growing field with plenary lectures on the experimental approaches for genome organization and dynamics (by Marcelo Nollmann, Melike Lakadamyali and JuanMa Vaquerizas), on bioinformatics|biostatistics for Genomics (by Julien Mozziconacci and Vera Pancaldi) and on the biophysical modeling  (by John Marko), but also hands-on sessions on how to analyze Hi-C data (by Noam Kaplan), how to reconstruct chromosome structures (by Dariusz Plewczynski), and how to simulate chromosome organisation (by Angelo Rosa and Daniel Jost).


Video are available online on 3DGenomics Youtube Channel